9 Used Curriculum Sale Tips For Your Best Experience

used curriculum sale tips

Enjoy these used curriculum sale tips for the big day on July 11!

Prepare for parking challenges.

The earlier you come to the sale, the better. Typically a long line forms outside the doors before 6:15 p.m. (opening time). Therefore, make sure you’re in the area and ready to wait!

Other ideas: try to go with a friend or carpool with other families. It’s also handy to check a traffic website like http://www.kshb.com/traffic, where you can see all the construction work around the KC metro and whether it affects your route.

Remember cash is (usually) king.

Bring plenty of change and small bills for your purchases. This is especially true for sellers. You don’t want to be wiped out by another $20 note!

Some sellers allow for options like Venmo, PayPal, Facebook Pay, and credit cards. However, MPE does not police any of these payment options and leaves all transactions up to the discretion of both sellers and buyers.

Another alternative is to bring your checkbook, but cash is usually your best and safest bet.

Come with the right equipment.

Of all used curriculum sale tips, this one is probably worth gold to you. Come armed with a small and narrow rolling cart or even small suitcase to cart around your purchases!

Even if you don’t plan on buying a lot of stuff, we strongly recommend following the example of veterans who bring something along anyway (even if they don’t fill it to bursting). Your neck, back and feet will thank you.

Prepare for tight spaces.

This year we are requesting that sellers bring books only or items that can be placed on their table (NO large items due to limited space).

Sellers are responsible to stay with their items and handle their own sales.

If you’re a buyer, try to travel as lightly as you can! Leave everything you don’t need in your car or at home.

If you bring rolling carts, make sure they’re small and narrow.

Watch the clock.

Take note of the start and end times (9-11 a.m.), and make the best use of the time you have.

For sellers, setup begins at 8 a.m. and cleanup begins at 11 a.m. and ends at noon. All these times are strictly enforced.

Drop by the MPE table.

This year MPE will have its own table of curriculum to sell. Funds from the sale of these items will go back to support our organization, which makes donated curriculum available to members at the Family tier and higher throughout the year!

Let children participate for maximum enjoyment.

If your children are old enough and you want to bring them with you, consider giving them a small amount of money to spend on whatever toys they find there.

They’ll learn valuable bargaining skills, using math skills and interacting socially with different age groups – all in one easy place!

Look for the freebies table!

We always have a table of free items at the used curriculum sale. Families will have donated resources and materials there that can go to any homeschool.

If you’re a buyer, feel free to chat with sellers.

We keep hearing from homeschoolers who love coming to this event – not only for the sale, but also for the help and encouragement they receive!

Many of our sellers are longtime homeschool veterans with amazing insights. Take advantage of their experience, as it can help you make better purchases.

We have updated this blog post, originally published in June 2015, for timeliness and detail.

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