7 KC-Area Dyslexia Resources, Recommended By Homeschoolers

dyslexia resources for KC-area homeschoolers

The Dyslexia Research Institute estimates that only 5 out of every 100 dyslexia cases are recognized and receive assistance.

Fortunately for KC-area homeschoolers, a number of local dyslexia resources and support groups exist for families. We’ve collected a few of them here, all recommended by our homeschool community. (Homeschoolers started some of them!)

Poss-Abilities Children’s Therapy Group

Jean Wetherilt, MPE’s special needs coordinator, owns the PossAbilities Children’s Therapy Group in Merriam, Kan., and Lee’s Summit, Mo. The facility’s family-friendly environment comes with an outdoor therapy center, sensory integration and neurodevelopmental treatment equipment, and fine motor and handwriting center.

Services include individualized therapy sessions, developmental assessments, and training for parents and family members in home programming.

Midwest Neuroeducational Services

This center in Overland Park, Kan., provides a range of services that include testing, therapy and tutoring for several disabilities and disorders, including dyslexia.

Members of the team include Dr. Sandi Isaacson, Ph.D., ABPdN, a Board-certified neuropsychologist, and Dr. Avner Stern, Ph.D. a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in psychoeducational and psychological assessment of dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning and neurodevelopmental problems.

Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy in Roeland Park is the only private, fully accredited school for students with learning disabilities in the Kansas City area. Some of its dyslexia resources include testing services and a tutoring center.

More information is on its website: http://horizon-academy.org/


Pam Taylor, MS EdPsych, runs LexiAbility, a clinic in KCMO that offers a range of services: assessments, remediation, support groups, parent and teacher training, accommodations and homeschool consultations. Its dyslexia resources include a children’s enrichment program.

Educational Therapy Center

This center in Parkville, Mo., provides tutoring and one-on-one instruction in reading, writing, spelling, fluency, and comprehension using the Orton-Gillingham Approach. It offers language skills assessments that become a baseline to guide tutoring services and sessions.

Trudy Odle, MS Ed., F/AOGPE

Trudy is an educational & dyslexia specialist and consultant. She is also an Orton-Gillingham therapist and trainer. To contact her, call (913) 735-0052 or email trudyodle4 [at] gmail dot com.

Facebook support group

Wendy Hanson, one of our members, recently started a Facebook area support group for homeschoolers dealing with dyslexia. She started the group to find a community of parents with similar situations to hers.

“It is a Facebook group for people living in the KC area that are homeschooling children with dyslexia,” she writes. “Right now, we are just supporting each other through Facebook, but we would eventually like to get together in person.”

If you’re interested in joining the Facebook group, contact Wendy by email at wendy4ksuwildcats [at] gmail dot com.

We have updated this blog post, originally published in February 2016, for timeliness and detail.

See more information about special needs resources available for KC-area homeschoolers here!


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