Homeschool Styles: How They Work, Why They Matter


Homeschool Styles

What are homeschool styles, and how can they help you homeschool?

If you’re new to homeschooling, let me first explain that homeschooling is easy. Or perhaps it is easily the hardest thing you will ever do. In all honesty, it is likely both.  

Your journey has been and will be filled with times where you tackle the easiest hard things, and sometimes the hardest things come easy.  

Why homeschool styles matter

It can be the easiest because you know this is the route your family needs to take.

You’ve prayed about it, discussed it with your spouse, learned from veteran homeschool parents, and done your research. Great peace comes from knowing what you were doing for education is no longer working and it’s time to go a different route.

Homeschooling is no longer obscure or even unheard of, it is really quite popular and becoming more and more mainstream. The good news is that for many of us in Kansas City, we live in a metro that is uniquely homeschool friendly. Homeschoolers can enjoy classes and activities scheduled during the day (holla! homeschool skate day!) and other great discounts.

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So you’ve tackled the “easy” part, you have picked a curriculum. That may be the first and biggest hurdle for many. Then you signed your kids up for some free classes at the local library, joined a sports team, auditioned for a play, rented your first violin for lessons (headphones are a must, trust me!) and maybe took the plunge to join a co-op.

Those things are accessible and more or less easy but…it’s hard! Oh so hard!

Now you actually start doing all.the.things.

Your day consists of kids complaining over every math problem, sleeping until noon everyday (let them, their little brains are growing), the toddler is on top of the fridge–again (if you only knew how true this is on a daily basis at our house) meanwhile your  5-year-old’s main goal in life is to watch some random lady open toys on YouTube all day.

All homeschool parents have been there. They have struggled with these issues and more, but they can also tell you about all the really really good days.

Days where they learned more than their kids did, or when they learned to slow down.  There are the days when they had the joy of reading book after book after book to their kiddos just because they could, or let their kids play in the rain until their lips were blue and somewhere in the business of life the 5-year-old read their first book and the 10-year-old mastered mixed fractions!

These days make up for every one of those hard days because on these days we had the joy of seeing an ever-present grace at work in our children’s lives.

How homeschool styles increase ‘adaptitude’

Many times homeschooling doesn’t go as we had planned.  In our family we use the term adaptitude. Let’s face it, sometimes it takes adjustment to a different routine, adjusting behavioral issues, the curriculum we purchased is just not working, or perhaps the methods we are using in educating our children needs to be reevaluated entirely.

In the coming months we’ll start a new blog series called Homeschool Styles.

In this series, we will highlight different homeschool styles and methods  in our community. We hope to pique your interest in new and interesting styles of homeschooling such as unschooling, roam-schooling, classical schooling, charter schooling, full-time working parents homeschooling and yes, even a thing called game-schooling.

Our goal is to show you options that may be a help to you in your home-educating journey.  Many families find themselves faced with students who have vastly different learning styles, disabilities, limited time, limited budget, and unique family challenges. There is an option out there that will work for you!

We will also be highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of each type of style of homeschooling.

No matter what style ends up working for your family, state rules and regulations need to be followed (find more info here at HSLDA). But the majority of states allow much freedom with homeschooling!

We invite you to subscribe to our Facebook page and keep an eye out each month for a blog entry in our “Homeschool Style” blog series. Discover the vast ways parents across the country are educating their children, why it works for them and how you can try it out!

We wish you nothing but the best of times, growing closer as a family, having fun and maybe learning a little too!

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