New Year’s resolution for homeschool families

New Year's resolutions for homeschool families

By Todd Kangas, MPE President

Making a New Year’s resolution is a common part of our culture as people welcome the new calendar with a new resolve to improve their lot in life. These are generally short-lived and unsuccessful. But I am an optimist. So in this spirit, I offer my New Year’s resolution for homeschool families.

Let’s begin with a question. What type of spiritual heritage do you want to pass to your children?

Faith and values should be like measles, visible and contagious. It’s not just the words, but your life that imparts these to your children.

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you,” said Robert Fulghum.

A good example of impartation is in 2 Kings 2. Elisha had spent time serving Elijah, traveling together, observing his life and impact. He was a spiritual child to Elijah. He liked what he saw and wanted a double portion.

When your children are ready to leave the nest, will they want to have a great impact for God because they want to be like you? Elijah had a very real faith. And Elisha caught it and wanted more.

As part of your New Year’s resolution, take an inventory of your spiritual life and see what is available for your family to receive from you, Dad.

  • Have you any Biblical truth in stock?
  • Is wisdom flowing from your lips?
  • When your children ask, “What has God done for you lately?” do you have to go back to a time of salvation or baptism?
  • Can you produce a list of answers to prayer, thereby providing your children an incentive to pray?
  • If spiritual leaders call for a day of prayer and fasting, will your children know you’ve given up food for the time to seek God more earnestly?
  • Do you open your home in hospitality to help foster deeper Christian friendships?
  • Is the marriage relationship valued and guarded demonstrating love and respect?

These are the building blocks of success. Hopefully it is not just done in duty, but with the goal of getting to know Jesus better and abiding in a deeper love relationship with our God.

The disciplines of the Christian life are pictures to our children of what we value. Our progeny will become more what we do, than what we say.

So for 2016, will you resolve with me to develop the steps to pass on our faith to our children? My hope is that when they sing the hymn “Faith of our Fathers,” that those words will resonate with a clear “yes and amen” in their hearts, because they believe that song was written about their Dad.

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