Magali Laporte: Social media intern

magali laporte

Magali Laporte serves as MPE’s social media intern, working with different social media platforms and our blog. She is also preparing to take over the position of MPE Graduation Coordinator.

How did you begin working with MPE?

I first volunteered with the MPE conference as a page, then with the MPE Kids Conference program.

After graduating high school, MPE had an opening for a social media intern to support the online content manager, Shanxi Omoniyi. I was excited about the opportunity of learning to navigate different social media platforms as well as exploring blog writing and marketing.

What are the things you enjoy most about your role?

I greatly appreciate being able to work from home as the social media intern. Communicating with Shanxi is such a blessing as she is always cheerful! I always loved writing and speaking during high school, and writing blog articles is a great outlet for that now that I have graduated.

Going to the graduation meetings is also great fun, as I get to help high school seniors work hard to put together an excellent ceremony.

Any surprises or challenges you’ve had?

Honestly, I had never had a social media account before working as the social media intern! It was a huge learning curve for me, but I caught on fast and it has been a neat experience. I also had no idea that I would really enjoy the graphic design involved in crafting the posts for the different social media platforms.

Tell us about your family, Magali!

I am the oldest of three, with one younger sister and one younger brother. My parents homeschooled me through high school. I live in Spring Hill, Kansas, on just about 13 acres of land. Our family raises chickens and guineas, and our rabbit and two cats tag along.

We have been experimenting with different growing techniques for fruits and vegetables, which have yielded some fantastic successes, along with some disappointing failures.

My dad and I have been taking karate together since I was seven, and he and my sister volunteer at a living history site in Olathe.

Why is homeschooling important to you?

Homeschooling provides so many opportunities for close relationships—with siblings, parents, friends, even grandparents. It also allows for a deeper pursuit of learning. There’s time to follow the rabbit trails that make learning fun!

How would you encourage MPE families in their homeschool journeys?

Realize that most likely, even if your kids don’t seem to appreciate it now, they really will come to deeply appreciate all of the blood, sweat, and tears you are pouring into them through homeschooling. Your work is so important, and so valued! Nothing can replace those years of discipleship and love.

Thanks so much, Magali!

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