Landon Farmer: Featured MPE volunteer

Landon Farmer MPE volunteer

Over 100 young adults volunteer each year at the MPE homeschool conference, leading the MPE Kids program, running registration, hosting workshops, and more.

Here, homeschool graduate Landon Farmer shares about his experience volunteering and his current position as a legal assistant to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

How long were you homeschooled?

I was home educated my entire educational career, including college. By utilizing CollegePlus‘ services, I was able to graduate at the age of 20 after only 12 months of study.

Why was homeschooling important to your family?

My parents strove to follow God’s plan for children to be raised in the knowledge and instruction of the Lord. Accordingly, they committed to home education before they even had children.

My dad is currently a public school teacher and my mom taught public school for several years early in her career, so they both clearly understood the importance the issues at stake.

Share about your experience as a volunteer at the conference.

As a longtime attendee of the MPE conference, I was familiar with the conference and knew many of the families who make the conference possible.

My friend Jennifer Laporte invited me to serve as a room host at the 2015 MPE Conference, which I prayerfully considered and soon agreed to.

I enjoyed serving as a host for the main auditorium, introducing speakers, operating the audio equipment, and trying to solve the plentiful challenges that arose in that particular room that year.

We understand that your MPE volunteer work provided you with business connections for your current job. Tell us about that.

While hosting the auditorium at the conference, I had the privilege of meeting Attorney Scott Woodruff, Senior Counsel at HSLDA, who was a speaker in my room. We visited briefly before heading our separate ways.

Landon Farmer at HSLDAThen, this winter at the end of my internship with Heritage Action in DC, I “happened” to meet Will Estrada, Director of Federal Relations for HSLDA. I had a coffee meeting with Will and chatted about how to get a law degree though Oakbrook College‘s distance learning program.

At the end, he said, “You know what, one of our attorneys is actually looking for a legal assistant right now. Why don’t you send in your resume?”

That attorney was Scott Woodruff, who I “happened” to meet last year at the conference. After a friendly interview, Atty. Woodruff offered me the job.

As a legal assistant at HSLDA, I get to help our members understand homeschool law, defend their right to direct the upbringing of their children, and monitor upcoming legislation in a 10-state area.

How would you encourage other homeschooled high school students to continue the journey?

What I have learned along the way (indeed, am still learning) is to focus on the day before you, accomplishing each task the best you can.

While I would often become concerned and uncertain about my future when looking several years down the road, I decided to trust God with my future and make the most of each day that He gave me, serving others along the way.

The high school years (and those soon after) are often very uncertain times for students, but God has a perfect plan for each of us and is waiting to show us one glimpse at a time.

Please share any final thoughts.

I am incredibly grateful to God for the amazing things He is orchestrating in my life. As I learn to trust Him more, He continues to prove Himself faithful.

I also deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication on the part of my parents and others along the way who have contributed to my education in every area of life. My desire is to pour these investments back into others around me and be of service to them.

Thanks, Landon Farmer!

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