How Brain Balance improved one mom’s homeschool efforts

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As the 2015 homeschool conference approaches, we’ll be featuring guest posts from conference exhibitors such as this one, Brain Balance of Overland Park. The MPE board does not endorse any exhibitor, but aims to present information that families can research and determine whether any product or service is worthwhile. We advise doing your due diligence with any product or service.

Kelly saw signs of developmental delay and attention problems in her 7-year-old son Brett at an early age. She began to realize that Brett needed extra help in his learning and at home.

After much consideration, she decided to homeschool him, starting with kindergarten.

“I could see he was not headed toward a place where he would be successful in a public school setting,” Kelly said. “Having been a kindergarten teacher, I felt really confident that I could homeschool him.”

But as his ADHD symptoms worsened, school became a constant point of contention for both Brett and his mom.

“Part of the reason I wanted to homeschool was so that he could naturally grow to love learning in a place where it wasn’t so structured and where we could have fun,” Kelly said, readily admitting that their reality was far from the scenario she had in mind. “I was racking my brain on how to make school enjoyable, aside from letting him do whatever he wanted. There were a lot of days where I wondered, ‘Can I keep doing this?'”

Brett struggled socially with his peers, had a difficult time staying on task and wasn’t able to sit still or stay quiet at appropriate times. He also lacked the coordination that most kids his age already had.

A friend encouraged Kelly to visit the MPE conference in April 2014. As Kelly browsed through the many tables around the conference, she was drawn to a poster featuring the symptoms of left and right brain weaknesses at the Brain Balance of Overland Park table. After learning more about the program, she felt compelled to take a closer look at the holistic approach Brain Balance offered.

Kelly and her husband brought Brett in to Brain Balance for a comprehensive assessment. The results shed light on why Brett was struggling and where his brain needed balancing between its two hemispheres.

Although the initial cost of the program was a challenge for their family to surmount, Kelly said they decided to take the risk and give Brain Balance a chance.

“I just couldn’t turn away from it,” Kelly said. “We were desperate to find something that worked for Brett.”

They enrolled Brett for a three-month session at Brain Balance during summer 2014. Kelly said she began to see early signs of improvement in her son.

Within the first two weeks of the Brain Balance program, she took Brett to a local pool and was amazed when he asked her to take a video of him jumping into the water and diving after a toy at the bottom of the pool.

Kelly said this was a drastic difference from his behavior at the swimming lessons he had finished shortly before that time, where he struggled with coordination and was very cautious about getting into the water.

Along with his coordination, Brett’s attention span and ability to focus also improved dramatically. He began to follow directions at home, stay on task and sit still for long periods of time without event. Once Brett finished his three months at Brain Balance and began homeschool again, Kelly said his academic skills also showed marked progress.

“One thing I noticed major improvement in was his listening comprehension,” Kelly said. “His reading became much easier. He was tracking and able to follow along with what he was doing. The amount of retention from first grade to second grade dramatically improved. He began to remember relevant details, instead of the random things.”

Kelly and her husband also watched happily as Brett began Tae Kwan Do and didn’t fall behind in the class because he lacked coordination. His social awkwardness with peers and family disappeared, and his constant talking and babbling stopped.

After such a successful first round of Brain Balance, Kelly said they hope to enroll Brett in another session soon to help him excel even more.

“I’m so excited to have found something that treats ADHD without medication and does it by developing the brain,” Kelly said. “Who wouldn’t want that for their kid? Brain Balance worked for us.”

Wondering if Brain Balance is right for your child? The program addresses a variety of developmental, academic and behavioral issues. Call today at 913-627-9400 to find out more and schedule a free consultation!

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