What are MPE’s homeschool graduation requirements?

homeschool graduation requirements

It’s already time to start thinking about our graduation ceremony next year! Seniors wishing to graduate in our class of 2016 should let us know before Oct. 1 of their intent to graduate with us.

As more people are considering graduation with MPE, it’s become necessary for us to have some basic guidelines in place. Here are some FAQs about our homeschool graduation requirements and why they’re needed:

What are the requirements to graduate with MPE?

Your family must have been a member with us for at least the past two years before graduation.

We implemented this requirement because students who have been pulled out of (or expelled from) public or private school in their senior year were applying to graduate! This was unfair to other families who had chosen to homeschool their students for many, or all, of their school years.

Can non-members still apply for graduation?

If you haven’t been a member for the past two years, you can still graduate with us if you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be willing to pay two years of membership dues, which we can backdate. You’ll need to submit our membership form online.
  • Email us at info@midwesthomeschoolers.org, verifying that you have been homeschooling for the past two years. You’ll need to submit one of the following (again before Oct. 1):
    • Proof of HSLDA membership for the past two years
    • A transcript for your graduating senior
    • Three letters of reference verifying that you have homeschooled for the past two years

Last year our board added a further qualifier that the graduation fee (currently $125) will be doubled for anyone who applies to graduate (and meets our requirements) after Oct. 1. No one is allowed to participate if they apply after Jan. 31, 2016.

Other special situations where non-members can graduate with MPE are if:

  1. A homeschool family has just moved to the Kansas City area. Upon joining MPE, the homeschoolers submit a letter from the homeschool organization in their previous state of residence, verifying that they have been a member of that organization for the two previous years.
  2. The family has been a member of MPE continuously in the past, except for time spent on the mission field. The family then resumes MPE membership upon returning to the Kansas City area.

Any further questions on homeschool graduation? Let us know in a comment or contact us!

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