11 Homeschool Fun Ideas: Little To No Planning Required!

homeschool fun ideas

Ready to add a little homeschool fun to your day?

What with curriculum, co-op, extracurricular activities, or just everyday life demands, the “fun” side of homeschooling may seem a trifle unrealistic. Some of us are just trying to get school DONE, let alone making it fun!

To help, we asked veteran homeschool moms for some easy – yes, easy – ways to make homeschool fun. No Pinterest-worthy projects that take oodles of time and leave many of us weeping over the bathroom sink.

Just something simple that busy families can incorporate into any day!

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 1: Food and reading!

Some homeschoolers love poetry teatimes. For others with high-energy kiddos, however, teatimes may not be your thing.

Try instead what one mom calls the “Breakfast in Bed Book Club” – eating Clif bars (neater alternative to cookies) while cuddled in bed. Then mom reads a chapter or two of a favorite book aloud.

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 2: Play a game.

Enjoy a few of the many educational yet fun games out there – for example, some math games that can help.

Bonus tip: They don’t have to be potential jaw-droppers like Monopoly (two days later … yawn!). Try games like checkers, Simon Says, Go Fish, and others that can end within 10 minutes.

If your kids just aren’t interested, don’t push the “education” aspect. Just play any game that brings your family together. The educational dividends will still remain long afterward!

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 3: Tickle fests.

Moms with boys especially like this one! Anything with rough play, exercise and laughter is generally a hit.

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 4: Use stickers.

If your children still enjoy stickers, keep a “special” set for completed work and extra milestones.

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 5: Random note hunts.

Have your kids close their eyes and count to a certain number while you leave notes of encouragement for each of them in random places around the house (bathroom mirrors, workbooks, kitchen cabinets, etc.).

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 6: Create smells to remember.

Some parents will diffuse essential oils while their kids are studying.

You can also use other ways to create smells and an inviting atmosphere in your school day. Try bringing some herbs and spices in your kitchen to your children to sniff and guess which one it is.

Better yet, let them help you with some specially scented lunches or dinner preparation, especially if it includes baking!

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 6: Background music.

Do your children study better in silence, or with some music they like?

Some moms use classical music, and others stream instrumental hymns or nursery rhymes. Experiment to find the right music tone for your homeschool.

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 7: Learn new songs.

Folksongs are a great place to start. As your kids grow older, studying music from different cultural areas and historic periods can really help learning come alive!

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 8: Go outside (or change locations).

If the weather permits, try learning outdoors so your kids have a change of scenery. Take a nature hike or try an outdoor homeschool activity.

Other homeschool families find that area libraries like the recent Monticello library can work wonders for tired students.

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 9: Hands-on fun (think controlled chaos!).

Yes, we know the arts and craft projects, science labs, etc. can send any homeschool mother’s mind reeling with the mess, planning and cleanup involved.

But strangely enough, those are the types of things that many kids find most exciting about homeschool!

It may require a little bit of creativity, but taking the mess outside, laying down a trash mat, and donning large smocks or aprons can go a long way toward keeping your sanity … and keeping your children entertained.

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 10: Incorporate some kind of action.

One enterprising mom has found that any kind of physical activity can help – such as squatting and jumping into the air while her children shout out answers to Latin quizzing.

“They also like to jump up and down on a mini trampoline while doing any oral work, memory work or read alouds,” she says.

Homeschool Fun Idea No. 11: School “uniforms”!

OK, so this is a little tongue in cheek (as a number of people think the best homeschool uniform is pajamas!).

But seriously (or perhaps not so seriously?), some parents recommend an outrageous costume to help spark some homeschool creativity.

After all, shouldn’t school allow you to wear T-Rex costumes, Star Trek or Star Wars outfits, and the occasional period attire suitable to the historical period you’re studying?

Any other ideas to add homeschool fun into your studies? Let us know in the comments!


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