Our 2019 Homeschool Conference Feedback

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Enjoy some of the great homeschool conference feedback we’ve received so far, gleaned from evaluation forms submitted by our attendees. Thanks to the 1,000 families who attended!

Workshops and speakers

  • “Encouraging workshops…I look forward to them each year because they help me re-shift my attitude to be more patient and positive with my kids.”
  • “I appreciated some tips and tricks as I prepare to officially start homeschooling this fall. I also got some great insight into disciplining and examine that closer in our household.”
  • “Remembering to focus on the relationships and heart of my children as I teach them and get to the academics as we can. Let our day be God-led. Not schedule led. Keep my priorities in order :-)”
  • “The sessions by Vicki Bentley were super helpful. We came needing to learn about the transition to high school for our oldest, and we feel much more equipped now. Thank you for covering this important topic.”
  • “I really enjoyed the workshop on single parenting. I feel we need to reach out more to find those single parents and help them network. I have been a widow 7 years and this is the first time anything like that has been offered. But thank you.”
  • “You always have a great variety to cover most all needs/concerns of homeschoolers!”

conference feedback vendors

Vendor hall (and silent auction)

  • “I enjoy the vendor hall. Getting to put my hands on the curriculum and compare it directly to other things helps so much. Talking to vendors to get help with how to best utilize the curriculum is great.”
  • “I LOVE speaking with the different vendors. Since my oldest is only 4, we are really still exploring all of our options and taking in all the advice. :)”
  • “Appreciate all the smiles and encouragement of all!”
  • [Silent auction, new this year]: “LOVED IT! We bid on several items & won 2. It was great to bid on things we already know we’ll spend money on. Knowing it benefits MPE, we were willing to bid on several items, including the big ticket items. More Branson options would be great if possible.”
  • “SO thankful MPE exists & does the conference! We know this is a HUGE job and appreciate all that you do!”

conference feedback youth

Other conference feedback highlights

  • “I love the struggling learners resource room. I wish had taken pics of the books I perused. I liked the hands on use of the fidget seat. More gadgets to try next year? This was the most helpful conference I attended. Speakers were awesome, vendors too.”
  • “The nursing mom’s room looked really nice! I enjoyed the longer lunch break…it was nice to have time to eat/chat with friends/feed the baby/shop the vendor hall and not miss the next session.”


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We have updated this blog post, originally published in 2016, for timeliness and detail.

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