Encouragement Day 2016: Special update!

Encouragement Day 2016

We’re so excited for our Encouragement Day 2016 that we wanted to share some news with you … and how you can help!

From its humble origins as a group of 10 moms meeting together, our Encouragement Days have become one of our most popular annual events, second only to our homeschool conference.

Hundreds of moms throughout our community enjoy the inspiring speaker sessions, the beautiful decorations, the gourmet lunch, and precious time to fellowship with one another. (And of course, chocolate and other gorgeous refreshments!)

As the event has grown in size and scope, so has our vision – inspired by the comments and feedback you’ve provided for us. As part of our vision, we’re setting a goal of $6,000 to finance Encouragement Day 2016.

Here’s the good news: We’re not raising admission rates to meet our goal! We already subsidize the cost of this event at $35 per person, because we want as many of you as possible to attend. (Members will continue to attend free, while non-members can attend at $15 per person.)

We are hoping to raise $6,000 through corporate sponsorships – businesses who can appreciate our vision and heart to serve the homeschool community, strengthen families, and celebrate the amazing women who are raising up the next generation.

We know these sponsors are out there. Can you help us find them?

Maybe it’s your area dentist or that family-friendly restaurant owner who would love to bless homeschoolers and families in the Kansas City area. Maybe it’s a boutique, salon or other business that you regularly attend that has a heart for moms.

Please email your suggestions to  info@midwesthomeschoolers.com with the subject line: “Possible Encouragement Day corporate sponsor(s).” Thanks so much!

Here are just a few of our goals for next year:

Encouragement Day chocolateGoal 1 – A bigger facility

This year our Encouragement Day reached record capacity … and attendance! By the end of the day, it was obvious to all of us that we had outgrown our facility.

Right now we are looking at a specific facility that can seat many more than the 250 we planned for in 2015. It also meets our other requirements, such as a commercial kitchen, a room for nursing moms, and enough space for the luncheon.

Goal 2 – A luncheon fit for a homeschool mom!

One of the most popular and encouraging parts of the day, as many of you have noted in your evaluations, is the luncheon. This isn’t just any luncheon – it comes complete with gorgeous china, linen napkins and tablecloths, lovely centerpieces, and music!

We go out of our way to give you an experience that’s extra-ordinary … because you are extra-ordinary. 🙂

To continue providing that level of service, however, we’ll need more resources and support especially as we plan for a bigger crowd next year.

Goal 3 – Providing encouragement to last for a school year

It’s not just a day to relax and enjoy fellowship. We want you to be able to take the encouragement, friendships and joy you receive from Encouragement Day to sustain and refresh you all through the rest of the school year!

To make that happen, a lot of activity must take place behind the scenes. Pre-event setup, cleaning, post-event takedown, and active monitoring throughout the day. Contacting, coordinating and training facilitators, mentors and hostesses. Researching and reserving caterers and speakers. Even soliciting and coordinating the giveaways that have blessed so many of our attendees.

2015 Encouragement Day fellowshipHow you can help

Many of you have offered to volunteer or help with Encouragement Day in your evaluation forms, and we’re so glad you asked! Here are three ways all of you can help us prepare for 2016:

  • Pray. Please keep us in your prayers as we decide on speakers and other factors to make next year the best Encouragement Day possible.
  • Suggest corporate sponsors. This will be the first time we’re seeking sponsorship, so we welcome all your ideas! As already mentioned, all you need to do is email info@midwesthomeschoolers.com with the subject line: “Possible Encouragement Day corporate sponsor(s).” Additionally, let us know if you or someone you know would be interested in helping coordinate our sponsorship efforts!
  • Stay connected. If you haven’t already joined our Facebook community or subscribed to our monthly “Homeschool Hints” newsletter, now is a great time to do so. We’ll post regular updates as the event draws closer (and you’ll also get free, helpful information on area activities, opportunities and tips for homeschooling!).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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