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If you live in Kansas, you’ve probably heard about the requirement to name your homeschool. But what exactly does that mean, and how do you go about picking a name for something as common as … well, homeschooling?

Take heart – you’re not alone! We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about homeschool names and answered them here for your convenience:

What are homeschool names, and why do I need them?

The Kansas State Department views every homeschool as a non-accredited private school. Therefore, it requires you to have a name.

What if I’m just homeschooling my preschooler? Do I need a homeschool name for that?

No, not typically. The state of Kansas applies compulsory school attendance laws only to children who are between the ages of 7 and 18 years (they may be under 7 if they are identified as handicapped).

I’m transitioning from public school to homeschool. Can I register anytime, or should I wait until summer break when my kids have finished the school year?

You can register your homeschool with the state of Kansas anytime, so no, you don’t need to wait until summer break.

You will need to make a formal request to withdraw your children from their school (see more on our “Homeschooling in Kansas” page).

Is there anything I should avoid in naming my homeschool?

Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid any names that are so ludicrous they may haunt your children’s school transcripts for years to come!

But you’re given a wide latitude, and homeschool names can actually be a great outlet for family creativity and fun. (See 9 great ideas to name your homeschool in this blog post.)

Can you change your homeschool name once you’ve started?

Of course!

Just go to the Kansas Department of Education’s website where you originally signed up. Under the “Registration Type” category, specify “Update” instead of “New.”

Do I need to re-register my school? If so, how often?

You won’t need to re-register every year. You only need to register your school, not your students.

For instance, if you add a new student to your homeschool, you don’t need to go through the whole process again!

If you move, you should update your school address. This is an update, though, not a re-registration.

Go to the Kansas Department of Education’s website and specify “Update” instead of “New” under the “Registration Type” category.

What happens to my homeschool name if I stop homeschooling, or if I’ve graduated all my kids?

Technically, nothing will happen – which is why the Kansas Department of Education requests that you let them know when you’re no longer homeschooling.

That way, they can mark your school as “Non-Active.”

This blog post was originally published in July 2015. It has been updated for timeliness and detail.

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