4 distance education benefits for middle- and high-schoolers

distance education benefits

As the 2016 homeschool conference approaches, we’ll be featuring guest posts from conference vendors such as American School, who offers distance education opportunities since 1897. The MPE board does not endorse any vendor, but aims to present information that families can research and determine whether any product or service is worthwhile. We advise doing your due diligence with any product or service.

Guest post by Jeff Cox, public relations coordinator at American School 

Homeschooling high schoolers and middle schoolers can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, parents have several options available that may help them to provide quality and hassle-free education for grades 6-12.

One such option is American School, a leader in distance education since 1897. Since its founding, American School has helped more than 3 million students in the United States and around the world earn their accredited high school diplomas, and earlier this year American School began offering middle school courses.

Continue reading to see what students and parents have to say about American School’s curriculum, cost, caring student service and credibility.


American School offers accredited high school courses in seven general subject areas. They include core subject areas:

  • English

“Literature IV was good in its study guide’s clarity and diversity of reading materials. I think that the books selected did a great job of covering different styles and themes. There was something for any kind of reader. My course with the American School has been an overall pleasant experience.”

-Whitney from Arkansas

  • Math
  • Science

“American School’s Algebra 1 and the Geometry courses are well organized, attractive, and thorough.  The Biology and Earth Science courses are of a level used by our community college as well as attractive and in much more depth and detail than previous texts.  The courses for the College Prep track now provide enough depth in each subject to prepare our students for any SAT/CLEP testing as well as college level work.”

-Eleanor from Texas

  • Social Studies
  • Specialty subject areas like Business, Career and Technical Education

“The Planning Your Career course taught me a lot about college training and jobs that I didn’t know before. The textbook with the self-check tests helped me learn from my mistakes so I would do better on the exams. The Self-Directed Search was my favorite part of the course because it gave me more choices and made me think about other options for the future.”

-Ashley from Georgia

“Since I love food and cooking it, I really really enjoyed Food Study. The textbook was easy to read. The study guide helped me to understand the textbook better. The detail was great and the food pictures were even better!”

-Christina from New Mexico

  • Fine Arts

“I loved taking Art: Drawing Animals. Everything was put so that anyone can understand what he or she needs to do. The methods were really good, and, with practice, I produced a drawing that I loved. Personally I would have loved taking all correspondence classes. I really enjoyed this class. Thanks!”

-Natalie from Illinois

  • World Languages, including online courses powered by Rosetta Stone.


As a not-for-profit institution, American School puts students’ educations first. Tuition is affordable – much lower than many other distance education and online high schools – and all textbooks and study materials are included at no additional cost.

As of Oct. 1, 2015, a 4-year, 18-unit paper-based diploma program costs $2250, while a 4-year, 18-unit online diploma program is comprised of a series of 1-year contracts for 4 1/2 units of credit at a cost of $900 per year, or 18 units of credit at a total cost of $3600. Middle school for grades 6-8 consists of 5 units of credit per year at a cost of $1000, or $200 per credit.

All diploma programs and middle school programs have flexible payment schedules starting at $100 per month, which makes tuition even more affordable, and there are no interest charges, no charge for pre-evaluation of transcripts, and very few extra fees along the way.

American School also is proud to offer lower tuition for General High School or College Preparatory Program students who pay in full at the time of enrollment.

Individual high school or middle school courses taken for enrichment typically cost between $150 and $300.

Caring Student Service

American School students receive caring student service every step of the way, starting with the enrollment process. Students may enroll online, over the phone or through the mail, and enrollments are accepted year-round.

Once they are enrolled, students work in a classroom of one—at their own pace and on their own schedule—but they are not alone. American School staff is available to assist students over the phone or via email during normal business hours.

“I truly felt like I was in public school but learning at my own pace. The American School never rushed me and I liked that. One other thing is the commendations I get from the teachers have had a wonderful effect on me.”

-Kaberle from Texas

“I found everything satisfactory. The courses are very easy to understand. You have it all right there with you and you always work at your own pace. I like getting to read feedback from my instructors so I can use it. The service is good and it usually never takes long to get my tests back.”

-Melinda from Missouri

Also, American School students can access help sheets, homework websites, and view their academic records and other helpful information 24-7 by logging into the Online Student Center.

General High School and College Preparatory Program students can receive their diplomas at any time of the year, provided they have completed all graduation requirements, and qualifying graduates are eligible to receive one of 18 post-secondary scholarships that American School awards annually.


American School was the first correspondence school to become regionally accredited and today is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools/Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), Accreditation International (Ai) and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), as well as recognized by the state of Illinois as a non-public high school.

An American School diploma is widely accepted by colleges and universities across the country and around the world.

“I am glad I chose American School for my high school years. You can trust American School to be up-to-date with all the information us students need to graduate. American School is very honest, trustworthy, reliable, friendly, accurate and loyal to their students. I would recommend American School to anybody.”

-Amanda from Washington

“My kids are doing great. One has made the President’s list again, so she is happy, and another is back on the Dean’s list, so he is happier. They are both trying to get a Fulbright scholarship of sorts to England this summer. I truly am sooooooo glad we did American School. It taught them to be self-sufficient when it came to their schooling, which has carried on into their college education.”

-Fatima from Montana

In addition, American School offers a three-way tuition warranty, which allows for a ten-day inspection and money-back guarantee, liberal tuition refund policy, and promise of a refund or additional training if you must take a qualifying examination and cannot pass it.

Author Christopher Paolini, motorsports star Travis Pastrana, tennis legend Andre Agassi and actress Jessica Alba are just some of the famous people who have taken American School courses throughout its 119-year history.

Click here or call 866-260-7221 to learn more about American School and how it can help you easily and affordably educate your children in grades 6-12!

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