Debate judges needed – how you can help

Photo courtesy of Magali Laporte.

This guest post by Magali Laporte, a homeschool debater,¬†is on behalf of all the talented students who need debate judges for their upcoming regional qualifying tournament. Read on and see if she doesn’t persuade you within the first few paragraphs! ūüôā

About 100 teenagers are gathered in a large room. Several have formed a circle as they discuss various definitions of the word¬†“equity.” One is searching his laptop for the latest news on U.S. relations with Yemen. Yet another is pacing as she mouths the words to her newly memorized speech.

Why are they all here? To participate in a regional qualifying tournament, hosted by the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA).

The NCFCA is a Christian, homeschool speech and debate organization. It provides opportunities for students to cultivate speaking and debating skills in an environment that glorifies God.

Competitive speech and debate is more than just another extracurricular activity. It trains students to think critically and defend their faith and choices in an articulate manner.

While learning to speak and debate well is helpful, competition forges skills in a way not found in a class. This training prepares students to be ambassadors, not just of homeschooling, but most importantly of Christ.

This month, local clubs are hosting a regional qualifying tournament, and they need your help!

In order to compete with excellence, these students need community judges. You are qualified to judge! The best way for them to learn to communicate is by connecting with their community. This is a great opportunity to support fellow homeschoolers in training for excellence.

If you would like to help in this way, judge slots are available Thursday, Feb. 26, through Saturday, Feb. 28. Each slot takes approximately three hours to complete, and is accompanied by delicious food!

The tournament will take place at Nall Avenue Baptist Church, 6701 Nall Ave. You can sign up at

Thank you for considering supporting in this way!

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