Updated 5/24/2020


Dear MPE Members:


As we all work through the challenges that the COVID-19 virus has placed on us, Midwest Parent Educators desires to keep you all informed.  We will continue to provide up to date communication on our events and offerings through our website www.midwesthomeschoolers.org.


The Lord has blessed us with opportunities to reschedule the MPE Conference and Graduation and allowed us to partner with several other like-minded organizations to provide great resources for not only seasoned homeschooling families but those considering homeschooling in the future. Each event or opportunity will have a coinciding page with more specific, in-depth information. Simply click on the links below for the event you would like to know more about, and you will find the details. As always, if you have questions not answered by the information provided, please feel free to email or call the office, and we will respond. Please check back every few days, on any of the events or offerings we continue to work to get rescheduled.


We are praying for all of you, and believe our God is in total control, always! Thank you for your commitment to educating your children with our Creator as the basis for truth and knowledge.



1. KSHE’S Kansas Homeschool Expo on July 17-18, 2020, in Wichita, Kansas. MPE members can attend free of charge. Please contact the MPE Office at info@midwesthomeschoolers.org to obtain the discount code before registering. Add-ons include the Faith Builders Academy children’s conference, Narnia Art Party Art Workshop, Art Nouveau and Recycling Art Party with Walter Crane, Art of Marriage Seminar, Make It & Take It Homemade Floam & Top 10 Fidget Do’s & Don’ts, Make It & Take Lesson Activities, Science Fair Individual Registration, Science Fair Group Registration, and Complete Kansas Homeschool Expo Recordings will incur an additional fee.


2. The Old Schoolhouse Special Deal


We’re also excited to partner with The Old Schoolhouse, which is offering a unique coupon code for anyone to try their online, preschool through high school full-curriculum option, SchoolhouseTeachers.com, FREE for 3 months.


With over 400 courses and numerous additional tools and streaming learning videos available, families can find what they need for a strong finish to their school year. This is a no-strings-attached offer; no credit card or other payment method is needed to sign up.


To take advantage of this offer, please go here: https://schoolhouseteachers.com/trial-membership/ (use code: MPE3MO)


(Any family who chooses to continue subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers.com beyond the 3-month free period can join at a heavily discounted rate of $99/year, using a coupon code unique to MPE that we’ll provide later. The normal retail price is $224.97/year. MPE receives 25% of all sales when purchased through MPE. Thank you in advance for supporting your local homeschool group.)


3. Facebook lives—Additional videos


To help meet the unprecedented interest in homeschooling, we’re launching a series of Facebook Live sessions – “Explore Homeschooling: A Virtual Tour of Homeschool Ideas, Resources & Activities.” These events will encourage, equip and empower families who are both homeschool veterans and also those considering “accidental” or “temporary” homeschooling over the next few months.


Our first Facebook Live session is with Kristi Clover on Tuesday (March 31), one of our featured conference speakers who graciously rearranged her schedule to join us in June!


Please join our Facebook Event for this series and share with anyone you know who is interested in homeschooling: https://www.facebook.com/events/231550778138475/


4. Online Vendor Specials


We appreciate and support every vendor who has been here for homeschool families to provide resources, services, and guidance along their educational journey. Canceled events will definitely take a toll on the many homeschool businesses that count on our conference for their livelihoods, so let’s show them all how much we appreciate them!


While not every vendor can make it to our rescheduled conference, many of them have special codes and discounts they are offering at this time. We have created a special webpage for you to find these deals, along with links to their websites for easy shopping: https://www.midwesthomeschoolers.org/attend-events/conference/conference-vendors-list/