Conference Workshop Changes: Streamlining Your Experience

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We’ve come up with some conference workshop changes that we hope you’ll appreciate. If you’ve previously attended our homeschool conference, a little explanation should help you navigate areas that are new.

Without further ado, let us introduce them to you!

Conference workshop tracks

Every workshop has been assigned to a specific track, and every track has been assigned a room (except Vendors). It should help you find areas of interest more quickly.

See the 2019 workshop schedule here!

Importantly though, don’t rely too heavily on track names. We strongly request that you read every workshop description, so you don’t miss anything.

Here are the tracks:


This track addresses a variety of biblical aspects in our family, home, and school. Most of these work-shops are presented by our featured speakers.


For those new to homeschooling or those looking for refreshers on the basics.


All you need to know to plan for the final stretch – for your student and yourself!


We hope to provide you with tools to become a better teacher! Think of this as continuing ed for teachers, without being curriculum specific. Occasionally, a speaker also represents a curriculum company. They have agreed to not promote their materials in any way during their workshop.


Whether you’re homeschooling and single (or feel single because of your spouse’s vocation), want the nuts and bolts on fostering and/or adopting, or a mom considering a writing career, this track gives direction in a variety of very specific areas.


Every year, MPE’s Struggling Learner Coordinator brings in a top-notch specialist to assist us with struggling learners. We are blessed!


We love our vendors and couldn’t do the conference without them! Each vendor has valuable wisdom to share, and a product they love enough to represent. Note: Vendors use a variety of rooms for their presentations.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that vendors rely on sales at the conference (not later online) to ensure continued conference visits. Return the blessing of their knowledge and product by purchasing during the conference.

More Workshop Changes: Expanded Chart + Lunch

We’re happy to announce that the workshop chart has grown from two pages to a four-page spread!

Additionally, we have expanded the lunch hour.

Should you have children attending the beloved Kids’ Conference, it is vitally important that you pick up your children for lunch at the specified time (11:45 a.m.).

We hope you’ll also notice that you can turn your children back in at 1 p.m., which will provide at least 30 minutes or more to shop, or socialize, before workshops resume.


Think of the Lounge as a multi-functional space, like a coffee shop. It’s a place to sit and relax, grab a cup of coffee, chat with a friend, talk over purchases with a spouse, and meet a veteran homeschool mom or dad.

Whether you want someone to pray for you, a place to meet a virtual friend in real life, or to meet a mentoring mom, this is for you!

The Lounge is in lieu of a regular workshop – once a day, both days.

In our contract with the Expo Center, no one can bring in any outside food or drink; please help us abide by the contract. No worries, though – we’re providing free coffee!


Your thoughts, constructive or complimentary, on workshop changes and everything else are crucial!

We read and attempt to accommodate all requests. To make the most of the evaluation, please be as specific as possible; you can’t say too much. The more exacting detail you give, the better for us to know exactly what you mean.

Generally, the only limitations we have are the budget, our facility contract, and our statement of faith. We’ll be sharing the full list of workshops soon, so keep an eye out.

On behalf of MPE’s Conference Committee, we appreciate you, are thankful to serve, and look forward to seeing you soon! We’ve been praying and laboring to edify and equip you in your homeschooling endeavors.

Let the countdown begin!

[Guest post by Martha Kedrovsky, on the MPE Conference Committee]

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