Chad and Michelle Womble: Featured MPE volunteers

chad and michelle womble mpe volunteers

Chad Womble serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the MPE Conference each year. He reviews our contracts with the convention center and the company that sets up our vendor hall for the conference. Throughout the conference weekend, he helps make decisions on the spot regarding issues that arise during the conference.

What is your number one reason for serving with MPE?

We began serving on the MPE board around 2002. In 2004, there was a need for someone to oversee the youth volunteers for our conference. The young people that volunteer to serve at the conference are integral to the success of the MPE Conference each year and I am aware of no other conference that uses their youth so extensively to serve the attendees.

Every year we receive feedback from our vendors and our attendees that our young people are exceptional. We served in that role for six years before moving to a role of Facilities Coordinator, but the youth volunteers remain very dear to our hearts.

There are so many reasons that we continue to serve with MPE, from the relationships that we have made within the organization to the desire to be ambassadors for homeschooling.

But the number one reason for continuing to serve is probably still to see the young men and women of the homeschool community have the opportunity to serve our vendors and attendees.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The relationships!!

Any surprises or challenges you’ve experienced in this role?

We didn’t expect to get started when our oldest child was so young. He was only 7 or 8 years old when we were asked to serve on the Board for MPE. We truly didn’t feel like we could possibly have anything to offer since we were still so new to homeschooling.

That’s one thing we would certainly encourage other young parents in. You’re not too new to get involved. You’ve got more to offer than you think.

Tell us a little about the Womble family.

Chad is a firefighter and we have spent the bulk of our free time for the last couple of years remodeling our house. In fact it seems like that is all we’ve done for the last couple of years.

We go to church at Hope Family Fellowship in KCK. It is a family integrated church that was established over 20 years ago. We absolutely love the relationships that we’ve developed there.

Most of our kids love basketball and spend hours in the back yard shooting hoops. They might enjoy a video game or two from time to time as well. 🙂

Why is homeschooling important to you, the Womble family?

Our reasons for homeschooling have never been about academics. We believe we can give our children a better education at home by tailoring it to their needs and learning styles, but that is not why we homeschool.

We homeschool for one reason…Character. We want to be the primary influences in our children’s character development.

Our goal is to raise our children to be adults that serve the Lord with all their hearts and to live their lives with integrity. Education is important, but character is paramount.

Thank you for sharing with us, Chad and Michelle!

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