Athletics and Home Education: A Worthy Endeavor!

KC East Lions

Attention homeschool parents (or those who are contemplating this journey)…sports CAN be an integral and valuable part of your child’s education.

Our family began our education journey back in 1999, and we knew our son loved playing many different sports. We desired to have sports be a part of his life as the life lessons from organized sports are vast and so valuable, so we did our research and found the KC East Lions. Christian played basketball for the Lions program through middle school and high school, and two of his sisters played volleyball with the Lions as well. Christian was able to secure a baseball/academic scholarship to SBU, and the Lions were a part of his athletic journey in his home school years.

Three of our four children gained lessons of hard work, teamwork, time management, purpose, value in friendships, integrity, honesty, grit, and discipline through their years playing sports.

The Lions sports program is unique as the coaches are well-aware they may have young students who have never participated in a particular sport as well as those young people who have played the game/sport before. This program is set up to welcome and encourage both scenarios. The program is competitive in nature, and provides exciting venues for your young person to grow and mature.

As 2020 has begun, and your family is contemplating educational choices, and you are wondering if sports can be a part, I encourage you to check out the Kansas City East Lions. is the website, and you can view the different sports offered, and see the accomplishments the program has been privileged to be a part of. It is a worthy investment for your child(ren)!

Sandra Binger began home educating in 1999 and concluded this journey of education with her four children in 2018. She is on the Kansas City East Lions board and has been since 2017.

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