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Just a few of the many recommendations for Midwest Parent Educators, our annual conference, and our overall support for homeschoolers:

  • “I attended the first conference on a solo mission (without my husband) with the idea of homeschooling in mind, but uncertain of which learning environment was really best for our family. Naturally, the first session I knew was a must – ABC’s of Homeschooling with Micah and Johanna Gelatt. The session didn’t disappoint! It was quite informative and exactly the enlightenment I needed. We gathered another year of information – from vendors, fellow homeschoolers, curriculum resources, friends. The following year, we started homeschooling our twin preschoolers. We’ve been homeschooling for nearly three years; it is absolutely the path for us. We’ve attended several years together since our initial introduction to MPE and the annual conference. Each year, we leave more informed. More encouraged. More prepared. Eyes opened to reality. Prepared for reality. The variety of sessions and speakers over the years has been amazing. We’ve found this conference continually impressive!” Hope H.
  • “I appreciate the wide variety of vendors the MPE homeschool conference offers. I enjoy finding solutions, and new ideas for our homeschool family. Thankful I can speak to Curriculum representatives and get questions answered right away. I also really appreciate the fact most vendors offer conference discounts.” Jamie C.
  • “I always find the conference to be rejuvenating. It gives me the confidence and the knowledge to keep my kids’ education going strong. Plus, you have a wonderful selection of vendors to choose from.” Heather N.
  • “I love the support you receive at the conference. By April, I’m dragging and questioning how this is all going.” Beth S.
  • “No matter what we have needed from year to year, the MPE homeschool conference has been a huge source of blessing. Whether we needed help teaching a Dyslexic child, wanted to make the transition from elementary to high school homeschooling, wanted our teens to be encouraged, or needed to talk to a vendor before purchasing a product, MPE helped that to happen. Every year that we go, we are blessed in a new way, or God allows us to be a blessing to others.” Sharon J.
  • “I attended last year for the first time. It was helpful to hear the legal requirements for homeschooling from professionals. I enjoyed the vendor hall and talking with representatives for local homeschool support communities.” Katherine D.
  • “The MPE Annual Conference has become an event we can’t miss. I started attending before my oldest was in kindergarten and my husband has joined me the last two years. It’s such an encouraging event, especially in the last months of our school year, when I typically feel as though I’m on my last leg. I love the ideas, tips, prayer, and friendships that are all a part of the conference.” Megan W.
  • “I LOVE the MPE Homeschooling Conference! Each year, there are workshop sessions that speak to where our family is in our homeschooling journey. God has really used this conference to guide us, comfort us, and equip us with knowledge and tools to help our little arrows be successful in their education and in their walk with the Lord. The Vendor Hall is always packed to the gills with opportunities and tools. I make a list of my curriculum needs every year right before the conference, and I very rarely have to look elsewhere for something. Thank you for a wonderful conference!” Michelle B.
  • “It’s always so helpful to have so many sessions to pick from. It makes it easy to find something that I’m interested in. I also appreciate the topic ranges from larger concepts to the nitty gritty. The exhibit hall is fantastic for demos and being able to see items in person rather than just online.” Amanda B.
  • “Went to conference the first year I started homeschooling, it was such a blessing having all the resources I needed at my fingertips, I loved the multiple curriculum booths and being able to look thru stuff before I purchase..Also sat in on some of the speakers. There were so many people willing to help and give advice….I left feeling confidant and ready to go home and apply everything I learned.” Angela S.
  • “When I attended the MPE conference for the first time, I was absolutely floored to see the size and scope of what was available. I was just starting to get interested in homeschooling, and to realize how much support there was in the homeschooling community was empowering and inspiring. I completely enjoyed the classes that were offered. Literally counting the days until the next conference! Browsing the booths makes me giddy with excitement!” Heidi S.
  • “When we were trying to make the decision whether or not to homeschool, we felt like the “getting started in homeschooling” sessions really helped us answer some of our concerns.” Rachel B.
  • “I love feeling so refreshed after the conference. The new ideas, advice and encouragement I receive get me through the next year.” Jennifer M.
  • “The best part of the conference for me is the curriculum fair. Being able to look at curriculum and actually be able to look through the books is a wonderful help!” Andrea M.
  • “Of course I love the vendor and curriculum fair – I love having so much all in one place. But the conference is so very encouraging and supportive. After attending, I feel pumped up and ready for the next year again. Like saying, “Yeah, I CAN do this! Someone else understands me!”” Melanie H.
  • “I have not started homeschooling yet but the conference has allowed me to better get prepared for when I am able to start. I loved being able to sit in on sessions about the laws in Missouri but also sessions that were just fun like the hobby farm session last year. I look forward to looking more into curriculum this year.” Heather P.
  • “I love the encouragement in each session at the conference. You never know which one is going to speak the most to you — it may not be what you expect! Last year a session on manners moved me to tears and was an answer to prayer about how to get through to my strong-willed child.” Stephanie S.
  • “Our family is encouraged each year that we come to the MPE conference. It affirms why we have chosen to homeschool.” Stephanie B.
  • “We have been coming to the MPE conference for about eight years now. Every year I leave feeling encouraged and energized and ready to continue on our homeschooling journey. I love meeting the other homeschooling parents before the sessions start and you can’t beat the vender hall! Everything in one place. The sessions are always interesting and helpful. My kids look forward to the Children’s Program each year as well. You would think we were on our way to Great Wolf Lodge they are so excited to get there.” Kristyn B.

Recommendation on a letter sent to our office

“We have so enjoyed being a part of MPE over the many years and also taking part of the special graduation ceremonies that reflect the heart and spirit of homeschooling. Through the span of four of our five daughters, we want to tell you how much these ceremonies have meant to us as parents and also to each one of our daughters.” -Gary and Stacey